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Keyword Analysis Report

To take full advantage of search engine traffic, you need to include the right search phrases in the content of your web site. To do this effectively, you need to know what real people are searching for, so that you can target the keywords that will bring visitors to your website.

Our Keyword Analysis reports are designed to help you optimize your web site to maximize your search engine exposure.

The reports will tell you:
  1. What people are searching for.
  2. What search terms generate the most traffic.
  3. Which queries you have covered.
  4. Which queries you are currently missing out on.
  5. and more ...
The report includes:
  1. Keyword density analysis for your main home page.
  2. A list of the most popular search terms related to your business, sorted by popularity. This will tell you what real users actually search for when they are looking for your products and services.
  3. We will spider your web site (up to 200 pages), analyze and correlate the phrase content of your site with the most searched for queries and incorporate this in the report. This will tell you which popular search term are present in your web site, and which ones you are missing out on.
NeedmoreBeer.com doubled their traffic and tripled their sales by spending just 4 hours on their web site.

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Using our Keyword Analysis report, a hourglass manufacturer discovered that many of their potential customers were also searching for "hour glass" as two separate words. By simply adding that one phrase to their home page, their search engine traffic increased by over 50%.

What search terms are you currently missing out on? Don't guess, get our keyword analysis report and find out.

The report is compiled by Our SEO experts and takes 1-2 days. The cost is $95.00 and includes detailed analysis of 6 search phrases and up to 200 web pages.

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