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Espotting provides users with highly relevant search results from thousands of the world's top brand names such as Orange, Sports.com, Amazon, Tesco, Lloyds, Procter & Gamble, Alliance & Leicester, Expedia, easyValue, QXl and Ebay.

Espotting was chosen Europe's No. 1 pay-per-click advertising network by Search Engine Watch. Espotting is a European focused pay-per-click search engine.

Using Espotting

Espotting's online advertising model, pay-per-click advertising, provides a win-win situation for advertisers, affiliates and consumers who are looking for relevant search results. In the Espotting marketplace advertisers bid against each other for prominence with their search listings, and the higher the bid, the higher the listing.

Submitting a Site to Espotting

Espotting has several listing options and ensures listing and high ranking benefiting you from highly targeted leads from Yahoo! UK & Ireland, Ask Jeeves, InfoSpace, Netscape, and UK Plus and many more.

Submit Your URL to Espotting

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