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Submit Your URL to Ask Jeeves & Teoma

AskJeeves is the world's fifth largest search engine, powering more than 20 million searches on a daily basis

Through Teoma, AskJeeves has a database of around 1.5 billion websites, which makes it one of the largest website databases in the world.
Reach millions of Internet users all throughout the world thanks to AskJeeves’ distribution network, which includes:

Ask.com – Teoma.com – Hotbot – MetaCrawler – Mamma.com – Excite.com – MySearch – iLor.com - ixQuick - Search123 – MyWay


  • Your site will be reviewed within 7 working days.
  • Your site will be added to all AskJeeves.com-Teoma.com indexes.
  • Guaranteed inclusion of your site for 12 months.
  • Your page will be refreshed weekly for the next 12 months.

Submit Your URL to Ask Jeeves & Teoma.

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