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Search Engine Information

To help you make the best of our services we have compiled free information for you to read about Search Engines and Directories. It offers useful tips and general information about search engines and getting a higher ranking, and depending on your particular needs will help you choose the right search engines to submit to.

Please read this general information first and then click here to read our search engine reviews.

Search Engines

Search engines are crawler or spider-based search engines creating organic listings automatically. They "crawl" or "spider" the web regularly and produce results for Internet users to search through. The websites that appear at the top of the list are ranked more relevant to the search term(s) the user input, and the websites that appear at the bottom of the page are ranked less relevant to those search terms. Google, Yahoo! and Teoma (owned by Ask) are typical search engines that may also supply search technology to many smaller search engines and offer other paid services.

Changes to your web site design, layout and keywords can make a big difference in your search engine listing. Since your website is crawled by the search engine spiders on a regular basis this provides a great opportunity to tweak your websites's ranking. Simply by changing or adding keywords or perhaps even changing the layout of your webpages may get you a higher position. However it may take some time before you will see any changes to your rankings. To speed the process you can pay for inclusion to eg. Yahoo!, which powers search engines such as AltaVista, AlltheWeb, FAST and more. Please see PrioritySubmit for more information on Site Match.

Global Promote offers Priority Search Engine Placement to many search engines and directories. To maximize your search engine marketing efforts you should submit your URL to as many search engines as possible.

Human-powered Directories

Human-powered directories, or just directories, are often broadly described as being search engines. However the main difference between a real search engine and a directory is that a directory depends on humans to add websites to their database whereas search engine spiders add URLs automatically. When directories have enough websites for a category and it is "full" more categories and subcategories are created. When you submit a web site to a directory it is usually accompanied with a short description of the web site and some keywords that best describe the website's content. The directory editors then review the site by visiting it on the web and then add it to their category. Usually listings appear in alphabetical order but you may also have the possibility to pay a small subscription fee to be listed at the top. Web directories can list URLs in many ways. For example Google runs it's own web directory and lists URLs by PageRank order.

Techniques that are useful for improving URL ranking with a search engine have little to do with improving one in a directory. Therefore changes to your web site will not have much effect on your Web Directory listing(s).

Search Engine News

Recent events have changed the search engine industry dramatically. Google and Yahoo! are now the major suppliers of search technology. Earlier in 2003 Yahoo! purchased Inktomi and Overture in an attempt to fight back on Google's dominance in the industry. Microsoft is also developing it's own "smart" search technology and will likely incorporate search directly into its software. In the near future it is likely that the big three Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft will battle it out for the #1 search engine position. And don't count out Ask (Ask Jeeves), which recently purchased Excite and already owns a very good search engine Teoma.

The average time to get listed on search engines are very long! For example some popular search engines take several weeks to list a URL, for example MSN up to 2 months and Google up to 4 weeks or more. We suggest that you visit our Priority Search Engine Placement to get your website listed as fast as in 48 hours!

Search engine news provided by http://www.addme.com

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