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FULL SEO Service

Our SEO Experts will take the guess work out of submitting your web site and search engine optimization.

A trained SEO professional will work with you to maximize your web site exposure and ranking. Most of the work we will do for you, but you may need to make some changes to your web site based on our recommendations. In the process you will also receive valuable know-how and training.

There are no fixed contracts, you pay as you go, and if we do not provide you with value for money and real results, you can opt out at any time.

Service Schedule

The service is divided into 8 specific stages. It will be done over 9 weeks or 9 months, depending on the time frame that best suits you. (weekly schedule subject to availability).

Stage 1

  • Initially we will analyze your page and prepare a summary report.
  • The report will highlight any problem areas and may include change recommendations.
  • We will ensure that all the appropriate HTML tags are present in your page.
  • We will submit your site to the major search engines.
  • We will guarantee that your site will be listed on Kanoodle, About, eSpotting and other engines, within 5 working days.
  • We will organize a special arrangement with these engines to ensure that your site is given preferential treatment and that your pages are re-indexed very frequently. This will be important later for optimization.
  • We will hand submit your URL to Google to make sure that you are listed there as well.

Stage 2

  • In stage two, we will re-assess the performance of your search engine listings and help you optimize and fine tune your web site.
  • You will receive a full keyword Analysis report for your site.
  • We will tell you what your users are searching for.
  • We will spider your site and tell you what popular search terms are present, and what search terms you are currently missing out on.

    Notes: The standard keyword report is limited to top 100 queries, for each of 6 nominated keywords. Standard site analysis is limited to the top 200 pages. Search Term reports are available for english keyword searches only.

Stage 3

  • We will submit your URL to 1000 search engines and directories.
  • You will receive a comprehensive submission report.

Stage 4

  • We will guarantee that your site is listed within 5 working days.
  • We will organize a special service where these engines will spider your pages every 24 hours to keep your content always up to date.

Stage 5

  • You will receive a second keyword analysis report, to verify that all the important search phrases have indeed been added to your site.
  • If required, we will re-submit your site.
  • You will receive additional training in keyword use and optimization.
Note: After this stage, you should be able to notice a tangible increase in the number of visitors going to your web site.

Stage 6

  • We will list your site in Teoma and Ask Jeeves.
  • We will guarantee a listing on these engines within 5 working days.
  • We will organize a preferential treatment for your pages so that your site is re-indexed frequently.

Stage 7

You should notice a significant increase in traffic by this stage.
  • You will receive a detailed SEO report for your site. It will show your current rankings, the level of search engine penetration and we will also start to focus on your competitors.
  • You will receive a competitor analysis report so that you can compare the performance of your site to that of you major competitors.

Stage 8

At this last stage, you will have attained very good search engine penetration. The bulk of the work from now on will involve strategies for maximizing your existing listings.
  • Our experts will review your site and offer suggestions on how you can improve you click through ratios, page rank and positioning.
  • We will help you to explore other promotional options such as PPC and Trusted Feeds.
  • You will receive a ranking report to monitor your position on the major engines.
  • Advice/Training on how to maximize your click-throughs.


If you like our service, we can continue to provide you with an ongoing support.

The cost for this service is $45 per month. It will include:
  • Automatically renewing your URL submissions when they expire. (does not include cost of renewals)
  • Monthly search engine ranking report
  • Monthly search engine saturation report
  • News and Information on latest search engine developments, trends, marketing and other related information.
  • Special offers.
Note: To receive the FULL monthly SEO Report for your site, add $25.


  • The cost of this service is $95 per month.
  • Optional ongoing support after stage nine is available for $45 ($65 with the FULL SEO Report)
  • The cost will automatically be debited each month from your credit card.

    Note: You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time, by emailing our sales or support.
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