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1.0 Table of Contents

1.0  Table of Contents
2.0  Keyword Density
3.0  Search Term Suggestion
    3.1  beer
    3.2  steins
    3.3  beer merchandise
    3.4  pilsner
    3.5  lager
    3.6  online beer
4.0  Appendix A

2.0 Keyword Density

The Keyword Density report shows the top 15 kewords and phrases on your page.

Beer Merchandise1.490.500.000.500.502
one stop Internet beer1.
stop Internet beer shop1.
your one stop Internet1. Beer Merchandise1.000.500.000.500.003
all over world1.
Internet beer shop1.
one stop Internet1.

You should aim for at least 3% density for all important search terms that you wish to rank on.

You should optimize each page for no more than 3-4 search terms. If you need to use additional terms, use a different page or create a new one or this purpose.

3.0 Search Term Suggestion

This report displays the top 100 most searched for terms that incorporate the specified keywords. Keywords and search popularity provided by the Keyword Discovery keyword research and word tracking tool.
It includes the relative search popularity of each term. This is an indication of each term's importance, to help you decide which ones you should target and optimize your pages for.

- Search terms found in your page are highlighted in Red.
- Search terms found elsewhere on your site are Green. *

Generally, pages that contain the exact search phrase receive the highest search engine rankings. Pages that contain one or more of the search term keywords individually, but not together as the exact phrase, may come up in the results, but will not rank as well.

This means that for popular terms, that are NOT highlighted, you have very little chance of receiving ANY of the available search engine traffic.

 3.1 beer  3.2 steins  3.3 beer merchandise  3.4 pilsner
Search TermSearches
de beer24671
beer brewing10970
beer making9469
guinness beer6687
miller beer6632
german beer6265
mail order beer6209
beer picture5989
beer recipe5894
beer mug5857
de beer diamond5536
root beer4690
beer sign4635
beer can4485
beer bottle4253
beer of the month club4148
corona beer4021
beer steins4017
neon beer sign3804
beer store3701
beer pong3444
beer label3134
beer quote2859
beer law2794
beer cooler2777
beer magazine2683
budweiser beer2670
beer club2626
beer machine2593
beer commercial2527
beer belly2525
all about beer subscription2506
beer calorie2156
beer taps2138
beer keg2134
beer company2113
beer distributor2034
beer bong2019
beer poster1991
beer wallpaper1980
beer glasses1917
beer history1877
make beer1849
beer bread1843
beer can chicken1826
beer game1735
tit beer1734
coors beer1688
beer alcohol content1596
beer stein1586
Search TermSearches
beer steins3260
budweiser steins1170
german beer steins779
clear steins676
frosted steins670
german steins607
win ben steins money536
budweiser beer steins411
steins garden gift358
avon steins302
budweiser holiday steins288
center garden steins287
garden steins166
m. cornell steins164
gerz steins132
antique german beer steins130
mettlach steins130
collectible steins125
beer german gift man steins124
fire fighter steins120
antique beer steins120
beer steins glasses108
ben money steins105
beer steins collectible105
collection country steins99
bakery steins91
antique steins80
avon beer steins71
personalized steins68
avon collectible steins66
anheuser busch steins65
budweiser christmas steins62
antique beer collectible glasses steins55
budweiser collector steins54
cocktail steins wine54
miller beer steins50
pig steins49
bakery dallas steins47
beer steins strohs46
bud steins45
antique german steins45
beer mettlach steins43
make steins up40
beer budweiser holiday steins39
club steins utica38
drinkware steins38
collectible german beer steins38
pewter steins37
beer davidson harley steins35
beer coors steins34
Search TermSearches
beer merchandise403
corona beer merchandise76
beer merchandise miller28
Search TermSearches
pilsner urquell778
pilsner glasses315
beer pilsner265
pilsner urquel164
pilsner glass163
pilsner urquell.com96
game pilsner68
pilsner beer glasses49
game pilsner urquell41
beer pilsner urquell27

 3.5 lager  3.6 online beer   
Search TermSearches
lager beer230
fosters lager220
castle lager158
lager regal119
house lager99
brooklyn lager97
lager wholesale76
alpine lager46
lager moosehead46
beer lager lucky44
brown honey lager39
lager wholesaler37
lager red stripe35
lager recipe35
crown lager33
2003 lager schweiz sommer31
michelob honey lager29
homebrew lager27
Search TermSearches
buy beer online930
beer online723
beer online store166
beer online pong153
order beer online116
buying beer online101
beer online sales100
online beer purchase66
beer distributor online65
uk beer online65
online beer ordering52
buy belgian beer online48
beer online play pong46
beer online seller spirit45
beer online shop36
beer game online pong33
beer fat online tire32
beer game online30

* Note: The keyword data is compiled by crawling the top 200 pages from your web site and may not include every page.

4.0 Appendix A

A complete Keyword Density report for

A user, searching for any of the below keywords or phrases, has a chance of finding your page on the search engines.

Beer Merchandise310112
Red Bull300012
Beer Merchandise mail order210104
Merchandise mail order beer210104
NeeedMoreBeer Beer Merchandise mail210104
one stop Internet beer200004
Red Bull Suger Free200014
stop Internet beer shop200004
your one stop Internet200004
Beer Merchandise mail210103
Merchandise mail order210103
NeeedMoreBeer Beer Merchandise210103
all over world200003
Bull Suger Free200013
Internet beer shop200003
one stop Internet200003
Red Bull Suger200013
stop Internet beer200003
your one stop200003
Merchandise mail210102
NeeedMoreBeer Beer210102
order beer210102
all over200002
Bull Suger200012
Energy Drinks200022
Internet beer200002
one stop200002
over world200002
Pilsner Urquell200012
sampler pack200022
stop Internet200002
your one200002

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