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Page Size Check

Find out how big your website is with Page Size Check. Check for the amount of content, number of links, file size, number of images and image size included on your web pages.

Type in the URL below and check the size of your website now.


User: $r/connection/remote_ip

Webpage Statistics

URL:$apr/param 'url'
MIME Type:$url/type
Total Page Size:$url/page_size (bytes)
Visible Text Size:$url/text_size (bytes)
Text to HTML Ratio:$url/text_html_ratio%
Number of Images:$url/num_images
Max Image Size:$url/max_image_size (bytes)
Total Image Size:$url/total_image_size (bytes)
Grand Total:
$url/grand_total_size (bytes)

Images Found

  • $a

Links Found

  • $a

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