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Submit to Yahoo!

Yahoo! offers Site Match service, which includes:

  • Guaranteed inclusion in Yahoo! Search and partner sites.
  • Frequent refresh-every 24 hours.
  • Reporting to track and optimize performance.
  • Site review to ensure relevance and help high quality sites perform better.

More Leads, Less Guesswork with Site Match

Site Match is a new service provided by Overture, owned by Yahoo! Search's Content Acquisition Program (CAP). CAP contributes to Yahoo! Search Technology's mission to discover all of the content on the Web and deliver the highest quality results to search users.

Site Match offers an enhanced level of service and interaction with Yahoo! Search Technology that includes a clear and easy submission process, quality review, and frequent content refreshes and detailed reporting. Site Match complements Pay-for-Performance by expanding your site's coverage on search results pages.

  • Eliminate guesswork: Ensure that your pages are reviewed and included in the search index quickly and refreshed frequently. No waiting for search engines to find your site or guessing which content will be included.
  • Drive More Qualified Leads: Quality review of your content helps to ensure your Web pages appear in search results when highly relevant, delivering more qualified customers to your site.
  • Gain Marketing Insight: Site Match reporting includes number of clicks, and search terms for each URL in the program. Both current and historical data are presented.

Submit to Yahoo! Site Match via PrioritySubmit.

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